How to remember your holidays?

If you like to try out new things and have a taste for challenges, come and play detective to discover The Secrets of Pornichet.

Pornichet holds its mysteries well and needs some investigators with a keen nose for solving them.

The village is counting on you.  This is a unique occasion to discover Pornichet and at the same time take part in an outdoor investigation.

The Great Outdoors Escape Game !

You are the heros of this adventure. Gather your team, solve the riddles by making sure that you have a good look around you to make some progress with your investigation. Keep an eye on your time and unearth Pornichet.

The visit revisited

Mixing history, nature and police investigation, The Secrets of Pornichet allows you to create and share a special moment with your family, friends or colleagues.

Dive into this investigation where your skills of co-operation, observation and deduction will be your keys to succeed.

It’s an opportunity to try out an innovative and inspiring activity.

Alors, prêts à relever la mission ?