The Mad Scientist Adventure

28 November, 1903, Pornichet

Henri Becquerel likes to take advantage of Pornichet’s calmness to go for leisurely walks.  It was in this little fishermen’s village that he discovered radioactivity.

This evening he is leaving for Stockholm where he will present his work and win the Nobel Prize of Physics.

Before his departure, he decided to take a stroll around Pornichet.  However, he was so lost in his thoughts that somehow he lost his radioactive test tube.  What a disaster for him and humanity !

Your special squad has been called to investigate and  to find the test tube before it’s too late.  The last boat for Stockholm leaves in 120 minutes.  So you have two hours to complete your mission and hand him the test tube.

Who knows, maybe the future of humans is in your hands !

For 3 – 6 detectives

Duration : 2 hours

Difficulty : 3,5 / 5

Distance : 3 kms

19 euros per person
Under 10 years old : free !

Let’s go !