Les Secrets de Pornichet

Remaining in holidays

The Great Outdoors Escape Game !

Pornichet needs your help ! You are the heroes of this adventure. Gather your team, solve the riddles, keep an eye on the time or the other teams and complete the mission ! Mixing history, nature and police investigation, it’s an opportunity to try out an innovative and inspiring activity especially translated for English-speaking visitors.

Are you up to the challenge ?



Fun and original experience that I lived with friends to discover Pornichet in another way. We visited some very cute places from a more authentic pornichet than I thought while learning his story. I love surveys and tricks in general, solve puzzles ... here, with the advantage of walking, being outdoors and seeing the sea make it great! We were completely involved in the game and we won a few seconds of the time: the challenge is there too! To do with family or friends, you will love! Thank you for this immersion!

thumb Lisa Gentric

We conducted the game today as a family (2 adults and 3 children between 5 and 10 years) and we unanimously loved! It lasts 2h-2h20 during which we surveyed the Pornichet 1900 😉; the plot is really nice, the riddles really well tied and it also allows to (re) discover places in Pornichet where we go less often. Our "help-guide" was very nice and discret but present if needed. We strongly recommend this activity which is outdoors, which makes the brain work and which pleases at any age! We will start again this summer if a new riddle arrives 👍🏻👍🏻. Go for it!

thumb Laetitia Ringeval